After another unusual seven year-old interval, Paulinho returns and sets up the show "Bebadosamba", more than just a live performance of the album. The repertoire, recorded live and released with the name of "Bebadachama", proves that. Right after the beginning of the show, Paulinho embodies the character Boca, representing the old samba musicians that used to walk all in white, in a hat, and left the samba schools alone, walking through the carioca suburbs. Paulinho recalled those samba musicians, as well as sambas from several different times were also recalled, including some of the older ones by himself, for instance, “Coração Vulgar”. Besides the music of the "Bebadosamba" album, Paulinho also sang Paulo da Portela, Ismael Silva, Cartola, Lupicínio Rodrigues, Nelson Cavaquinho, among many others. A real samba class.

Read this text written by Arley Pereira on the show:

Bêbado de samba e outros sonhos (Drunk with Samba and Other Dreams)

The curtains hardly opened up, a dimness still dominates the stage, but in a crescendo that grows little by little, the drumsticks go up and down quickly, vibrating against the leather covering the small percussion instruments, in a circular way, dancing in the hands of the percussionist. The exciting tambourine drumming intensifies itself together with the brighter lights, announcing that the samba party is about to start. At the back of the stage, donned in white linen, a panama on his head and a friction drum snoring in the hands, he appears, and heads to the center of the circle, Paulinho da Viola himself, the master of harmonies, the lord of melodies, with the air of someone who knows how things work in this environment. The orisha drum called omele moans beautifully, marking the rhythm. The tambourines answer festively.

Bucy Moreira must be smiling, wherever he might be hovering. Smiling like him, Arnô Canegal. Master Marçal as well. And also Raul Marques, Luna and Eliseu feel the homage. People of the samba world understands this, and the big shots of the rhythm, more than anyone else. The hoarse sound of the knife scraping the border of the plate brings to our minds one of the first "bambas" (skillful samba players). João da Baiana salutes the boys in nago language and says thanks.

All the essence of the époque is onstage. A slice - tasty and important - of the popular musical culture is being served, and it should be understood and savored. There was a time in which the samba was created like this, performed like this, and, therefore, it got entrained into the soul, the hearts and the minds of passing generations, influencing culture, leading to callings and teachings truths.

There was a time like this, and "Bebadosamba" - the show and CD recorded live from it – remind us of this time, so that it its kept alive and beautiful in the fortunate minds that lived at that time, and to give those who did not see these things a chance to at least, listen to that kind of music. To know that the tambourines in his overture mentioned and honored amazing styles and ways to make them sound. That, when honking beautifully, Paulinho's friction drum, or cuíca, reminds us of friction drum players whose names became legends. It’s just a matter of talking about Boca de Ouro, Ministrinho, remembering Casimiro, Zeca da Cuíca or Master Marçal (for whom any percussion instrument became a violin), that incredible stories shall be recalled.

The show and the sound, presence and inspiration of Paulinho da Viola, one of the greatest samba figures from the last generations, are a tribute to this important period of the Brazilian popular music. The presence of works by composers like Paulo da Portela, Walsinho, Zé Ketti, Nelson Cavaquinho, Lupicínio Rodrigues, Cartola, only elevates Paulinho's own work. The calling of "Bebadosamba", the musical compliment addressed by the contemporary samba representative, as important as his predecessors, is the greatest and most deserved homage rendered to those who, whether manipulating words, notes or musical instruments, gave to the public the most valuable gift, the own essence of life, in love, friendship, humor, wisdom, philosophy and teachings through their music. With the blessings of the holy trinity of the samba, Pixinguinha, Donga and João da Baiana, also honored in this ultimate and anthological show.