After concluding “Vela no Breu”, Paulinho wanted to do something more upbeat. The theme was a review of the history of black culture in Brazilian music. The main character inspiring “Zumbido” was Heitor dos Prazeres, whose importance in the popular culture begins in the samba and extends itself until it encompasses the visual arts. On the stage, an illustration based in Heitor's painting represented Zumbido, a character performed by Paulinho. Zumbido embodied several characters of the Brazilian black culture, and Paulinho embodied Zumbido. The term, coined by Paulinho, refers to Zumbi dos Palmares and also to the word Zumbido, meaning a bothering buzzing sound.

In the beginning of the show, an audiotape reproduced several passages of black musicians' recordings. The only exception (not a black musician) was Noel Rosa.