“Vela no Breu” was Paulinho's first show resulting from a record, issued in 1976. In this year, in which Paulinho had announced to his recording agency that he would not record anything, Odeon's musical director was amazed when Paulinho showed up with the idea of recording not only one, but two records. Fortunately it was possible to meet Paulinho's needs, though in a hectic pace. The result were the albums “Memórias Cantando” and “Memórias Chorando”. Not a double album, but two albums that were sold separately.

The concept of this show was to convey Paulinho’s feelings as a samba musician, in relation to the changes that the carioca carnival was going through. The scenery didn't lie, it was composed by remains of carnival allegories. Lighting was all based on black and white, there were no colors. The objective was attaining a feeling of closeness. The show had the direction of Elifas Andreato, who was also the author of several album covers for Paulinho.