Being the largest contribution of our popular music for the theater, and vice-versa, "Rosa de Ouro" also leads the path to consecrate the definitive fusion between the two: the path of simplicity and the desire to pick the best in this garden of beautiful and pure popular art that is Rio de Janeiro culture. About "Rosa de Ouro", the magnificent show that the poet Hermínio Bello de Carvalho planned and conducted and that Kleber Santos produced for the Young Theater, there is a lot to be said. It introduced Clementina de Jesus, one of the most authentic and talented Brazilian singers, at the age of 63; it made possible the reunion of the greatest magazine star of our stages, Aracy Cortes, with the public; and released the most representative vocal ensemble of the carioca hills (it is formed by composers of the samba schools “Estação Primeira”, “Portela”, “Academia do Salgueiro” and “Aprendizes de Lucas”). A lot more could be said on "Rosa de Ouro", but Odeon explains it better, with a beautiful synthesis of the show in this album, and the carioca press already used all the possible adjectives to prove its value.

The text was in the original cover of the soundtrack for the "Rosa de Ouro" show. This show was not just a concert as we know it today, but almost a musical play. The dramatic connotation of the event united music and stories to show a little of the carioca samba culture. There were important characters of the samba music like Nelson Cavaquinho, Paulo da Portela, Sinhô, Geraldo Pereira and Ismael Silva. The script by Hermínio Bello de Carvalho was very well performed by important names like Clementina de Jesus, Elton Medeiros and Paulinho himself. In order to enrich the show even more, they used recorded speeches of Cartola, Carlos Cachaça, Donga, Ismael Silva, Pixinguinha, Sérgio Porto, Sérgio Cabral among others as elements of connection. Certainly, a concert of a lifetime.