To try Paulinho da Violaís music is to find a link that some people judged to be lost. A fruit of encounters and amalgamations, his work comes from an uncommon event: the interaction of two cultural phenomena seen as antagonistic. The aesthetics and sophistication of the middle class living in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro in the 50ís and 60ís, along with the vibration of the carioca suburbs, resulted in a new form that crosses the times without altering his essence and embraces the modernity. This work immediately involves us with the ability to make the concern about the chronological aspect of events. In Paulinho's work, there is no beginning, middle or end. There is an essence defined by the meeting of sounds that harmoniously combine, creating unique forms and contents.

Paulinho composes sambas, choros and experimental music. The samba is the main and maternal form of the artist. The choro is the form inherited from his father, a sophisticated instrumental style, almost classic. The experimentation appeared as an answer to the desire of expressing a yearning to search for new forms, a common trace of the artist and his generation.